Best Practices: How to Declutter Your Home Without Pressure or Stress

While waiting for the team of experienced professional cleaners to arrive, do you feel the itch to start a full cleaning on your own? And if you do, is it because your home feels dirty or just cluttered?

If it’s the latter, we have some handy tips that you can start putting into practice right away. It won’t take more than a few minutes a day, it should help you build a habit, and it will make you feel more comfortable in your house before you know it! Today, we will talk about How to Declutter Your Home Without Pressure or Stress.

  1. Set up small goals – instead of trying to go through the entire house, pick just one room for the day;
  2. Before you start, stop – stop and stare, look around you and try to get into the shoes of a cleaner, spotting the things that don’t belong there and that you would like removed;
  3. Set up your 5 priorities – from your short inspection, make a mental pick of the 5 things you’ve seen sitting around the house that need to be moved by the time you’re done with this declutter session;
  4. When you start, set a timer – you can do it for 3 minutes, for 5 minutes, for 10 minutes or for whatever time frame, but always know exactly how much time you will invest and don’t overdo it;
  5. Fight the #1 enemy of your home declutter – pick a box, put it in one special corner, and throw in every single piece of paper that you bump into and that you decide to keep – no need to put all the tiny receipts and bills and so on at the right place, just make sure they don’t sit around in all the wrong places;
  6. Pick up everything from the floors – one of these days, you might decide to do a general home cleaning – anything aside from rugs and, of course, furniture, shouldn’t sit on the floor.

If you have the feeling that this method of skimming the room and the cleaning process doesn’t really fit you, you have at least two alternatives.

One would be to invest a bit more time in a sort of daily cleaning. You decide that each day, for 20 minutes – or whatever seems reasonable to you – you declutter one small area. Next day, you move on to the next area and so on. It can be a shelf, it can be a counter, it can be a smaller cabinet and so on. You can start with cleaning your kitchen or your bathroom or the living room. With this method, it’s all about persevering and keeping your calm. As days go by, the differences will be visible.

The other option, which is a bit more chaotic, would involve the simple principle of filling a trash bag as fast as you can. It can be with things that you want to throw away or with things that you want to donate. Getting rid of all the unnecessary things will suddenly make your home look better and make you feel better.