How to Clean Your Home with Lemon Products

Whether you’re looking to buy green cleaning products or you’re curious about making your own all-natural cleaner, you can never go wrong with lemon. And here, at Homeclean, we always support environmental-friendly cleaning, especially when done responsibly. That is why, today the topic is How to Clean Your Home with Lemon Products.

From all the substances that make the composition of a lemon fruit, three of them are essential green cleaning ingredients: the citric acid, the D-Limonene, and the lemon oil.

How to avoid neutralizing the cleaning power of lemons

Everybody heard of the citric acid but not all of us know that its main utility in home cleaning is given by the mild action that it has against the hard water film and the common water spots.

The lemon oil is probably another well-known ingredient, at least for those interested in keeping a fresh smell in the house with essential oils and aromatherapy. But aside from its uplifting natural fragrance, olive oil is also an antibacterial disinfectant.

As for the D-Limonene, the least known powerful ingredient in lemons, this liquid hydrocarbon is actually present in the peel of many citrus fruits. From its medical use to the flavoring and manufacturing applications, the substance is quite productive. You will find it in many water-free hand cleansers, due to its solvent power, and you can use it for your green products as a fragrance.

Replace lemon products with baking soda or Castile soap

Lemons clean with their acidity, which can only mean that any association with an alkaline ingredient will risk neutralizing their effects! Among the common alkaline cleaning ingredients, you have the washing and the baking soda respectively the Castile soap.

Refrain from mixing these with lemon and you should be just fine.

Cleaning with all-natural ingredients that include the above-mentioned substances and lemon is possible, if you do it separately. Feel free to use the Castile soap or the baking soda first, and resort to the acidic properties of the lemon only for the rinsing and the disinfecting part.