Best ways to clean a large room – Step by step guide

We all have a place to live, to do our routine activities in. And that always needs cleaning, especially for those who are living in large rooms. Without proper cleaning, your large room will be the worst nightmare you’ve ever dreamed of.

Today, let’s prepare because Homeclean will give you the Best ways to clean a large room (Step-by-step guide) so you won’t no longer suffer from a dirty large room anymore.

Remember that these methods work for any room you have actually, but large room still benefits the most.

Best ways to clean a large room – Before you start

Remember these 3 rules before you start cleaning any room. Trust me, these rules will help you a lot.

Rule 1 – Put on some music

Don’t work any housework chores without music. Having something you enjoy will help make the time go faster. So put on some music (Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora) and make sure the music makes you want to sing and dance.

Rule 2: Use the right tools and products, and have them all with you

Don’t waste your time using inadequate tools and products, get the good stuff that isn’t going to waste your time because of quality issues.  Select items that you need; nothing more and nothing less, just enough to be efficient.

Rule 3: Open the blinds or curtains

It will give you some extra energy and let you see what you are doing. It’s your large room, it needs space and light, right? So give it at least a little light to make you feel cleaning is not a boring task.

Whatever time of year it is, you want to be able to see exactly what you are cleaning – so that you can clean it properly.

Also, this will make everywhere feel fresher, and give it a new lease of life! It’s also a great way to circulate the air and allow any damp air out of the house rather than creating condensation and mold in the space, so it’s a great habit to get into each and every day.

Best ways to clean a large room

Here are 5 steps guide to help you clean a large room completely.

Step 1

Clean the dust at the tops of your furniture. Dust is the most troublesome problem you need to deal with immediately. Get a wet rag, or use a paper towel and the appropriate type of cleaning solution and wipe down greasy, dirty, or dusty surfaces.

To reduce the amount of dust in your large room, we suggest you to have one best large room air purifier. It will inhale and capture any types of airborne pollutants.

Step 2

Shake out small rugs and hang it outside (unless it is raining) so that it can get some fresh air. Vacuuming might not be enough to get rugs like this totally clean, so shaking it out and airing it can really make a difference, not only in how it looks, but in how it smells.

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Step 3

Vacuum all the corners and edges of the room, and do not forget to vacuum under your bed, armchairs and benches as well. This can make a room look even cleaner, since a dirty carpet or floor will make even a clean room still look messy.

Step 4

Remove the trash stuff. Your large room is not a place to put everything into, so don’t waste your space for the trash stuff you don’t need. Having a place for everything in your room will make cleaning easier the next time.

Step 5

Keep your room tidy. Keeping everything in its rightful place and putting things away when you are done with them will reduce the amount of time spent cleaning in the future. This will also impress your parents and will help to keep them in a good mood. Keeping your room clean might also be a way to negotiate for a bigger allowance or more privileges, as long as the room stays clean and organized.

Step 6

Clean out your closets and drawers by folding or hanging up any clothes laying around. Do not (never do this) put your clothes anywhere out of closets or drawers. This will make your large room a whole mess.

Also, storing your clothes neatly and efficiently can open up more room in your closet or drawers.

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